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How to reach us:

When you call our main line (503-785-8300) you will have the following options:
   Press 1 - Attendance: Late arrivals, full-day absences, early pick-ups before 3:00pm
   Press 2 - OMS Registrar or Counseling:  Student schedules, Enrollment, student community concerns
   Press 0 - Main Office: all other questions/concerns

You may enter a staff's extension at any time during the recorded message or press "0"

(Classroom extensions cannot be dialed directly. Please dial the main line and then enter the extension)

Staff Assignment Phone number Email
ATTENDANCE   503-785-8300 - Press 1

Aamodt, Amy Choir & Art 4262
Austin, Karrie Principal's Secretary 4211
Barrett, Chris 7th Grade Science 4274
Bartel, David Custodian    
Bennett-McCue, Leslie 6th Grade Language Arts 4241

Bertram, Gretchen

7th Grade Social Studies


Bird, Jennifer 7th Grade Language Arts 4270
Brewer, Chelsi 6th Grade Math 4232
Burel, Bill 8th Grade Science 4238
Burnett, Ruth Special Education Case Manager-8th Grade 4226
Carey, Kaytie Instructional Assistant    
Christopher, Megan 8th Grade Social Studies 4233
Coltrin, William 8th Science 4258
Cranford, Theresa Cook
Dahlin, Heidi 8th Grade Language Arts 4242
Dahman, Barry Custodian
Ellis, Julie 7th Grade Social Studies 4240
Flechaus, Karen Counselor 4219
Fox, Naomi AISP Instructional Assistant
Frymire, Sharon Vice Principal's Secretary 4212
Gambee, Jessica Special Education Case Manager-7th Grade 4228
Grenwis, Sarah   6th Grade Science 4272
Grove, Kevin 6th Grade Math 4271
Gundlach, Matt 7th Grade Math 4223
Hannon, Catherine ELD Teacher 4246
Hart, Kaylee Instructional Assistant    
Hill, Jeremy Dean of Students/Athletic Director 4252
Howells, Evan 8th Grade Language Arts 4232
Hudson, Amanda Instructional Assistant
Jewell, Stacey Head Cook  4264
Johnson, Matt Head custodian
Kates, Benjamin Vice Principal 4214

Kitchen, Beth 7th Grade Health 4239

Kramer, Jeremy Art 4265
Larrance, Piper 7th Math 4248

Lynch, Crystal

7th/8th Grade PE


Mardon, James 8th Grade Social Studies 4243
Martin, Inkeri ELD 4246
Matile, Korynne AISP Instructional Assistant    
McKenzie, Giselle 8th grade Language Arts 4222
Nelson, Kailey AISP Instructional Assistant
Nodurft, Travis  6th grade Social Studies 4268

Normand, Lisa Principal 4213
Pence, Dorothy Media Specialist/Librarian 4250
Person, Erin Instructional Assistant
Pixler, Diane Instructional Assistant
Pixler, Sarah Instructional Assistant
Polczynski, Stephen LEEP Teacher 4266
Poppen, Cathy 8th Grade Health 4230
Prentice-Wood, Gayle SpEd Secretary 4227
Reed, Laura  Counselor/Student Council 4220
Reedy, Debbie Attendance Secretary 4215
Rickard, Benjy   6th Grade PE/Health 4273
Rickard, Leah AISP Instructional Assistant

Rogers, Daniel



Rogers, Shannon AISP Instructional Assistant
Root, Monica AISP Instructor 4259
Saltmarsh, Steve 8th Grade Math 4221
Sax, Jana (pron. Yana) 8th Grade Math 4248
Smith, Tonya  Speech 4251
Soenyun, Nicholas Band 4265
Stein, Leann Cook
Tiedtke, Keith AISP Instructional Assistant
Tims, Lisa AISP Instructional Assistant
Torgerson, Davis AISP Instructor 4260
Treadwell, Adrienne 6th Grade Science, TAG/AVID Coordinator 4236
Waggoner, Erin Special Education Case Manager-6th Grade 4229
Walker, Helena Instructional Assistant
Washington, Carlin 7th Grade Science 4238
Weaver, Jennifer 6th Grade LA 4222
Whiting, Rob 7th/8th Grade PE  4257
Wilcox, Tiffany Spanish  4231
Withum, Katie 6th Grade Social Studies 4221
Wyatt, Wendy Registrar/Counseling Secretary 4218