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History of Ogden Middle School

Original Ogden:


Built in 1965-66
Opened in 1966

Principal: Eugene Killoy
District Superintendent: Dr. Edwin Ditto

OCSD Board:
John Caldwell
Frank Bennett, MD
Nixon Knight
Jimmy Fisher
Peter Schnell

Architect: Annand, Boone, Drynan & Huffstutter
Contractor: Blanchard Construction Co.

Construction Cost: $1,205,000.00
Original Size: 92,000 Sq.Ft.
Capacity: 750 students (Upon opening-7th, 8th & 9th grades)
Enrollment when open: 520
Location: 33 acres at 3001 SE Donovan Lane, Oregon City

Ogden's Namesake:

Named after Mr. Peter Skene Ogden, an early settler and respected pioneer leader. Ogden trained to be a lawyer, but due to poor voice decided to become an explorer and trapper. He traded and trapped throughout the Northwest and is credited with naming Mt. Shasta in northern California. 
In 1818 he came to Oregon and eventually became the factor for Hudson's Bay Co. He was kind to Indians and had great success in working with them. One of his most humanitarian acts was the rescue of the Whitman Massacre survivors.
Ogden bought a small piece of land on the bluff overlooking Oregon City in 1852, where he built his family home. He passed away in his home on Sept. 27, 1854 and is buried in Mt. View Cemetery in Oregon City.