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Parents & Guardians

Items on this page are to assist in finding the answers you may be looking for or provide you with tips.

Please let us know how else we can assist you. 


  • If I notify my students teachers that they will be absent, does that excuse their absence? NO, you will still need to notify the attendance secretary of your students absence. Especially if it is for an extended vacation or medical reason.
  • What is the best way to reach one of my student's teachers?  Via email or ParentVue messaging
  • What is the best way to speak to one of the counselors?  Start with an email or by phoning them.
  • Can I come into the office to speak to a counselor or administrator?  Our counselors and principals are always happy to speak with a parent/guardian. However, you do run the risk of them being occupied with a student or other duties here at school. Please attempt to make an appointment with them prior to coming in.
  • Can I pay for fees/lunches online? Fees for school registration and activities/athletics can not be paid for online or via phone.
    • You can pay via cash/check/card here in the office.
    • Lunches can be paid for online with a small fee, or your student can pay directly in the lunch line.
    • Lunch money should not be paid in the school office.


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  NOTES: Bus notes, early pick-ups, extended absences need to be sent in via written note or email (
        Students bring written notes to the student window in the front lobby.

Call the attendance line for the following (503-785-8300 press "1"):

  • I am calling my student (name of student) out all day today because of (reason: sick, family matter, Dr. appt., medical, funeral).

  • I am calling my student (name of student) in late for medical appointment.

  • ​Student (name of student) will be picked up early, at (time). (Please let us know if someone other than yourself will be picking up your student. They need to be on emergency contact list and show ID upon pickup. They cannot call it in themselves.)

Pre-excused/Vacations: Send a note in with your student. They will receive a pre-excused assignment sheet to take around to their teachers. You may also print the form, fill it out in advance and send it into the office.

Health Room

  • There is no full-time nurse here during most days at Ogden. Please check our district health page for more information. (OCSD Health Services)
  • Ogden Secretaries provide assistance to students that are injured or not feeling well.
  • If your student is injured while at school, it is documented and a parent is called. 911 is phoned immediately in an emergency situation.
  • Injuries can only be treated with ice or band-aids. Anything more serious will require that the student be picked up for further assessment and treatment.
  • Students with headaches or not feeling well can lay in the health room for 5-10 minutes. If they are not feeling better they are encouraged to call home or if feeling well enough, return to class.
  • Students sent home or absent for fever/diahhrea/vomitting are not allowed to return until they are 24 hours free without fever reducing/pain medication. (See following link for county guidelines)
  • County Exclusion Guidelines for Schools and Child Care Settings


  • The State of Oregon does not allow students to transport ANY MEDICATIONS to and from school.
  • A parent/guardian is required to fill out the Authorization for Medication form and bring medications to school. This is for prescription and over-the-counter.
  • Prescription medications need to be in the actual prescription bottle with proper instruction label.
  • Cough drops also require a form to be filled out and should be turned in by a parent/guardian.
  • The school cannot provide any sort of ibuprofen/acetaminophen/aspirin for students. You may bring a bottle to leave here for as-needed purposes, with the proper form.
  • Inhalers and Epi-pens can be carried by the student after both the Authorization form and the Self-Medication Agreement forms are filled out.
    • Inhalers and Epi-pens need to have the prescription labels on both the box and the actual medication casing.

Homework Requests

  • If your student is absent for 2 or more days we encourage you to email their teachers to request missing assignments. All staff emails can be found on our Contact page.
  • Teachers are allowed 24 hours to gather homework.
  • Teachers will either respond via email or send assignments to the office to be picked up.
  • Please call ahead to confirm assignments are ready for pick up.
  • You can also find assignments on ParentVue/StudentVue

Lost & Found

We have two areas for lost and found items. 

  • Coats/Lunch boxes/Water bottles are gathered in the main lobby, near the trophy case.
  • Valuable/Smaller items such as watches, keys, phones will be found in the office.
  • Please encourage your student to look for or ask if things have been turned in. 

Lunch Accounts

All parent/guardians are encouraged to create a MealTime account.
   What does this do?

  •   You can view what items they are purchasing.
  •   You can view their balance.
  •   You can deposit funds into their account.


​Each custodial Parent/Guardian on file for each student has access to ParentVue.
   What does this do?

  • Allows you to view student attendance/grades/homework/test history
  • Provides another way to contact teachers and school staff (School Information)
  • Will eventually provide teacher websites for each class (for messages, homework and documents)

   What if I have never used or am having problems using my ParentVue account?

  • Please contact the school registrar in the counseling department for assistance with your account. 


  • Celebrations/Birthdays - Ogden does not allow locker decorating. Transportation does not allow balloons or flowers with water & glass vases on the bus.
  • Lunch - You may join your student for lunch. Please sign in at the office first. Pizza delivery is discouraged.
  • Visitors - All Visitors must sign in at the front office when they arrive.
  • Volunteering - Click here for Information on volunteering and what opportunities we have for you!